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This just in... Don served as a consultant for the 20th Century Fox movie "Master And Commander, The Far Side Of The World". They requested his input on the traditional sea songs used in the film. He said it was great fun, and he got a "thanks" on the C.D.


photo by Joel Cook


"Don Sineti has come to be regarded as the embodiment of the spirit of the whale." - Dr. Robbins Barstow, Director Emeritus, Cetacean Society International .

“his strong voice brings to life the days of sail.” - Stan Hugill, world-renowned sea shanteyman/song collector & preserver

“His booming voice and beaming smile communicate strength and warmth to everyone with whom he comes in contact.” - Program Notes, The 3rd International Dolphin & Whale Conference, Kona, HI

“A hefty fellow with a deft hand, a genial manner and a booming voice ...” - Carolyn Battista, THE NEW YORK TIMES

“With Sineti it's easy to visualize how the sea chantey was designed to help the weary seaman do his job.” - Rick Green, THE HARTFORD COURANT








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