Tom Callinan: Connecticut Grown

Quote regarding the song, "Cheney Hall" :
"My kids now point out every "mansard roof with ornate fenestration" as we drive by one!!!" - Kate Dunn Scott, Portland, CT


1. Connecticut Grown (2:37)

2. Strawberry Socials (2:51)

3. Connecticut Day At The Old "Big E " (2:12)

4. Maple Sugar Time (2:55)

5. The Connecticut Peddler (2:16)

6. Symbolically Connecticut (1:48)

7. Thumbs-Up For Connecticut! (2:37)

8. Middletown, The Forest City (4:23)

9. The Freestone Walk Of Fame (3:49)

10. The Leatherman (2:58)

11. Connecticut ’s 9th (3:35)

12. Samuel Huntington (4:14)

13. Connecticut ’s Quiet Corner (3:23)

14. Cheney Hall (3:16)

15. Connecticut ’s Lifeline: I-91 (3:03)

16. Save The Singing Bridge (2:24)

17. Sound Waters (1:33)

18. Thanks To Wyland (2:21)

19. The New London Ledge Light (2:37)

20. U.S.S. Connecticut (3:22)

21.The Shore Line East (2:39)

22. Bridgeport By The Sea (2:39)

23. Christmas On The Shoreline (3:46)



This collection is the sequel to Tom’s 1990 album entitled "Connecticut Troubadour". Many of these songs have been included in versions of his "Thumbs-Up For Connecticut" program. All songs were composed entirely by Tom Callinan except: "CT Peddler" by H.W. Dunbar; "CT’s 9th" and "Sound Waters" - T.C. lyrics to traditional melodies; "Symbolically CT" - T.C. lyrics to S. Foster melody; "Bridgeport By The Sea" by V. deLeath - 2nd verse by T.C.; and "U.S.S. CT", co-written by T.C. and Bill Pere (CT’s 4th State Troubadour).


Descended from dairy farmers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Tom has reputedly composed more songs about Connecticut than anyone in history. This will not make one rich, but one does become something of an oddity ... in this case, a Conn-Oddity. Since leaving the classroom of East Hampton Jr. High School in 1977, Tom earned his Masters Degree from Wesleyan University in his hometown of Middletown, CT, and then embarked on a career in the creative and performing arts. He has performed from Canada to Barbados, from Maine to Whidby Island in Washington state. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and The National Theatre in Washington, D.C. have featured Tom in-concert. Additionally, he has appeared on PBS’ "Shining Time Station", ABC’s "Good Morning America", CNN’s "Earth Matters", and on Public Radio stations, nationwide. Tom resides in Clinton, CT on the shore of Long Island Sound with wife, Ann Shapiro, his business and occasional performing partner. Her constant input and support of this project are most appreciated.

"Tom Callinan is a charismatic performer, whose musical ability and inventive compositions have fashioned his recognition as a celebrated Connecticut troubadour." - John Ostrout, Executive Director, Connecticut Commission on the Arts

"Those of us who have been treated to his music consider Tom Callinan one of Connecticut’s chief and most versatile assets: balladeer, composer, performer on a score of instruments." - Stephen B. Heintz, former Commissioner, CT Dept. of Economic Development


TOM CALLINAN - Lead and harmony vocals, guitar, pennywhistles, bodhran, spoons, harmonica, button accordion, train whistle

PHIL ROSENTHAL - Harmony vocals, 5-string banjo, mandolin, mandola, and electric bass

WALTER WAKEMAN - Harmonica on "I-91" and "Shore Line East"


Without the influences of four key people, this album would not have come to pass. For my voice, musical talent and showmanship, I thank my late father, Joe Callinan and the late Camilla DeLeon, my voice teacher at Wesleyan University and mentor thereafter. For my memory and inquisitiveness, and her counsel in writing "The Forest City", I am indebted to my late mother, Ann Coleman Callinan. My love of Nutmeggery (i.e. things about Connecticut), was sparked by my 8th grade Social Studies teacher, the late Miss Florence Fletcher, for whom I had the privilege of singing on the occasion of her 100th birthday in 1996.


Produced (including concept, graphic layout, typesetting, 2 photos on the back cover, and CD duplication) by Tom Callinan

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at American Melody Studios, Guilford, CT. (Phil Rosenthal, co-owner & engineer par excellence!)

Cover Photo by Roberta Lamonaca; Back Cover Photos by: Cindy Stulpin, Fran Funk, Meg Barstow, and Cathy DeMeo

Insert printing by Royal Printing Service, Guilford, CT. (Thanks to Susan Weady for her invaluable assistance!)

Klaxon on "U.S.S. Connecticut" from Submarine Force Museum, Groton, CT; SONAR blips from Sonalysts, Inc., Waterford, CT