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photo by Noel Tomas

Tom Callinan
Connecticut's 1st Official State Troubadour

Presenter's badge from the 2004 United Nations TUNZA Children's Education Conference that was held at Connecticut College.

Performing Arts & Event Photography by Peter J. Gherlone (203) 248-4729 pgherlone@comcast.net

painting by Bernice Shaker of Bloomfield, CT at the 2001 Bloomfield Drum Festival.

Tom playing the Bodhran at Pierson School - photo by Kim Tyler

Tom in his new skimmer ! - Photo by Ann Shapiro

Photo by Ken Manwiller

photo by Natalie Peterson

photo by Fran Funk

photo by Glenn Osmundson

photo by Melanie Stengel

Paul Shapiro shot at the 25th Annual CT Storytelling Festival in April, 2006.

Chris Morgan (standing); Seamus Connolly, Irish fiddling champion (seated); 

Tom Callinan (with spoons) with Bob and Ray 

(Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding) hosting the 1977 CPTV auction.

photo by Carolyn Carlson

Tom with Bob McGrath of "Sesame Street"

WNET Photo

Tom on boardwalk in Clinton, CT

Stephen Dunn photo

Tom "Live Musician Handle With Care"

David Dodge photo

Tom holding collage with refrain to "Long Island Sound's Good To Me"

Mary June Day photo

Long Island Sound has been good to me,
It's taught me to swim, and my love of the sea;
But now it needs help from others like me,
Who say Long Island Sound's good to me.

photo by Roger Riley

Tom Callinan, Connecticut's 1st Official State Troubadour (right) with Captain Larry Davis (U.S.S. Connecticut's skipper, center) and Bill Pere, Connecticut's 4th Official State Troubadour (left). Tom and Bill wrote the Official Commissioning Ballad, "U.S.S. Connecticut".

photo by Roger Riley

Governor and Mrs. John Rowland with Tom and Bill. Both photographs were taken at Foxwoods on December 10, 1998, the night before the submarine U.S.S. Connecticut was commissioned.

U.S.S. CT Album Cover

Page 46 from the USS Connecticut Official Commissioning Book

Letter to Tom from Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Letter to Tom from President George W. Bush

Tom Callinan - U.S.M.C.

Camp Pendleton, CA - 1971

Hartford, CT - 1991

Tom with Ray G. Smith, National Commander of
the American Legion, taken at the Sub Base in Groton, April 2001

Photo by Ken Manwiller

And here are a three photos of Tom (with Geoff Kauffman, one of the Mystic
Seaport Chanteymen) and Senator Lieberman, taken back on February 21st
at Joe's anti-Broadwater press conference in Hartford. The photographer was
Chad Lyons.

Letter from His Honor, the Mayor of West Haven

Berry School in Bethel