Tom Callinan Programs

Songs & Stories Of Land And Sea: Past And Present

Callinan Educational Enrichment & Entertainment Programs (C.E.E.E.P)

PLEASE NOTE: The programs listed below may be adapted to any age audience. More in-depth descriptions are available upon request. The presentations may be either specific and concentrated as to theme, or they may be more general in nature. It is possible for sponsors to create their own tailor-made program(s) from the choices below, as a potpourri or sampler. Custom-made programs are possible, but require at least two months of "lead" time, depending on the magnitude or complexity of the assignment(s).

6. The Golden Age Of Whaling (Through 19th Century)

7. Sea Songs, Chanteys, and Nautical Lore

8. Shiver Me Timbers (Pirates & Salty Tales)

9. In Search Of The Whale (Present Day)


10. Mother Ocean And Father Time (Planet Ocean Songs)

11. Long Island Sound's Good To Me ("Urban Sea" Songs)


12. Thumbs-Up For Connecticut!

13. Environmental Hootenanny
(Songs For The Earth)

14. A Little Bit Of Erin
(Irish And Irish-American
Songs and Tunes)

16. Holiday Hodge-Podge (Halloween, Presidents' Day, etc.)

17. Come On And Sing-Along! (Participatory Potpourri)

18. Folksongs, Tales, & Tunes

19. Minstrelsy And The Bardic Tradition

20. Camp Songs As An "In Tents" Experience

21. Loco-Motives & "Day Out With ' Thomas ' "
(Songs & stories about railroads and wacky train folk)

22. Work Songs Of Land And Sea: Past And Present

23. 21st Century Troubadour (Tom's Original Songs)

24. Lost In Your Words (All Sorts Of Stories)

25. Spoonerisms, Tongue-Twisters, And Tales

26. Novelty, Spoof, And Zany Songs

27. The "Gay 90s" & "Gilded Age" Revisited

28. Show-Stoppers From The Early Music Halls

29. Down On The Farm

30. Multi-Cultural Collage (Here And There, Near And Far, Now And Then

In Story & Song)

31. Life On The Road/Coping With Showbiz (Career Ed.)

32. Getting Along (Conflict-resolution/anti-bullying)

33. Food For Thought (Songs/Tales With Food As Theme)

34. The Bible Told Me So (Songs With Biblical References)

Special Holiday & Year 'Round Thematic Programs



Custom tailor-made programs are also possible, depending on the complexity of the assignment, and enough "lead-time" is provided for research (where applicable).