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Long Island Sound's Good To Me

Long Island Sound's Good To Me is Tom Callinan's participatory musical
program which raises the awareness of audiences of all ages to the past, the
plight, and the promise of "The Urban Sea", and how everyone in its watershed
area (9 rivers and 5 states) affects it.  It includes traditional sea songs
and chanteys (work songs) from The Age Of Sail, as well as original and other
contemporary  songs about the water quality and preservation of Long Island
Sound, a priceless breeding ground and habitat for an enormous number and
variety of species.  Tom is self-accompanied on a variety of musical
instruments from the wind, string, and percussion families, many of which
have been played at sea for centuries. 

A lifelong coastal resident, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist
Tom Callinan is a former CT jr. high school teacher turned Arts-In-Education
specialist.  Since the early 1970's, he has been actively involved in the
environmental movement.  His musical message has been presented at scores of
schools (k-college), libraries, environmental education organizations,
conferences, nature centers, historical societies, yacht clubs, community
concerts, at fund and consciousness raisers, and for the CT Dept. Of
Environmental Protection.  Camaraderie and self/group empowerment are the

The Program

The following songs are included in the program (along with other songs about
various aspects of the environment, the natural world, as well as
contemporary and historical sea songs):

Tom Callinan's original songs (lyrics & music):
Long Island Sound's Good To Me

The Caribbean Ferry
The Septic Sound                               

Trash On Tour
Ode To B.W.                

Sound Watchers
The Sound's Not Dead Yet                       

The Coastal Conspiracy

Collaborative Songs:
SoundWaters - Lyrics by Tom Callinan; traditional melody
Save The Sound - Lyrics By Tom Callinan, traditional melody
The Soundkeeper - Lyrics by Tom Callinan; traditional melody
The Battle Of Stonington - Lyrics by Philip Freneau, ca. 1814; Tom Callinan,

Others' Compositions:
You Can't Eat The Oysters (in New Haven Harbor) - Lyrics by Keith Sullivan;
music by Malvina Reynolds
One Plus One -  The cumulative effect of pieces of paper By Laura J. Bobrow
The Jennie - A tribute to the Long Island-based vessel By Wayne Brooks
The Connecticut Whaler - Lyrics by Don Sineti; traditional melody
This Sound Is Your Sound - Lyrics by environmental music workshop
participants; music by Woody Guthrie